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Overview of Blackmarsh

Blackmarsh lies on the fringe of civilization, located around a large bay on the western edge of the Grey Sea. For a brief time, the frontiers of the great empires encompassed the region, but they retreated centuries ago. Only a few outposts of civilization remain amid the dangers of the encroaching wilderness.

The bay that dominates Blackmarsh was created two millennia ago by the disaster known as The Mountain That Fell. After The Mountain That Fell, strange and terrible monsters appeared in the surrounding wasteland. The elves arrived in Blackmarsh, drove the fell creatures into hiding, and healed the land. However, after two and a half millennia, their power is waning and the monsters have crept back into the dark corners of the wilderness.

A thousand years ago, the Dragon Empire settled Castle Blackmarsh and for a brief time the races were united in an alliance and pushed back the monsters. Then eight hundred years ago, the Dragon Empire collapsed after being defeated by the barbarians in the cataclysmic battle known as The Shattering. Blackmarsh was one of the first regions to be abandoned. Left in the wake of the empire’s retreat was a patchwork of realms ruled by petty kings and tyrants.

Since the Shattering, the frontier has slowly retreated. In place of the ordered safety of the Dragon Empire, monsters, barbarians, and other increasingly roamed without restraint. In the present day, those who come to Blackmarsh are more interested in majica, killing monsters, or the strange artifacts left by The Mountain That Fell than establishing new settlements. The only force that stands against the wilderness is the Blackmarsh Rangers. Anyone who is willing to defend the land and its people are welcomed into their ranks.

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Main Page

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